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Precision Bike Fits

The blending of science and art to adapt a bike for improved functionality with the human body.

At Science of Speed, we feel that bike fit is one of the keys to cycling success. We know that training is optimal for large performance benefits. However, without a proper fit, injury becomes likely and will eventually bring training to a halt.

Our fit specialist and founder Brady Irwin has nearly 15 years of experience fitting athletes of every caliber and all disciplines to their bikes. This has given him the tool and knowledge needed to help you meet your specific bike fit needs.

Retül Bike Fit  $250

By far our most common fit and what has helped to put our fit at the top of the charts regionally!

With over 8 years of utilizing Retül, we have been involved since before it was introduced to the masses. Retül’s 3-D dynamic motion capture allows us to take measurements as you pedal to see how you respond bio-mechanically on the bike and adjust your position accordingly. This technique blends science and art to reach fit perfection.

Static Fit $175

In a Static Fit or “Stick and String” fit, a fit specialist utilizes a plumb bob and goniometer to measure your position on the bike. This allows for each rider to be set in a position that will best suite their needs dependent upon their goals.

Basic Fit $100

During the basic fit, a bike is adjusted to meet the rider’s basic needs and help to further reduce any risk of injury.

Follow-up Fit $75/hr

All fits are guaranteed for 6 months, however, if you change a saddle, shoes, or cleats then this is a great option to dial your position back in. (valid for 18 months post fit)

Bike Zin $30

Do you want to match the fit of a previous bike on your new bike? We can do that to the millimeter with the Zin tool!

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Your life. Your body. Your training.

At Science of Speed, we customize all of our services to make them as unique as you are. Don't hesitate to share with us your goals, your setbacks, your schedule, your preferences. Keeping you satisfied is our top priority. We look forward to finding the right suite of services for you, and always assessing how we can help you improve your performance. Contact us now and watch the perfect plan come together.