Spaghetti 100

Sample Training Week

Spaghetti 100 training scheduleAre you looking to ride the Spaghetti 100 or any other even at the 2013 Spaghetti 100?  Consider taking your training up a notch this year and add some structured interval work into your routine.  Do you only have 3-4 days a week to ride?  Perfect!  Here is a great example for you:

 Sample Schedule

Monday- REST

Tuesday- 4×8 minute Threshold intervals 5 minutes RBI

Wednesday- REST

Thursday- 4×8 minute Threshold intervals 5 minutes RBI

Friday- Rest

Saturday- Endurance Ride: 2-6 hours (dependent upon fitness and expected finishing time)

Sunday- Endurance Ride: 1-3 Hour (dependent upon fitness)


RBI- Rest Between Intervals

PE- Perceived Exertion

Threshold Intervals- (PE:8/10) Designed to work just below lactate threshold.  The body is able to accumulate a large amount of time at this intensity but keep the time to recovery minimal.

Endurance Ride (PE:4-6/10)- Designed to build aerobic base, increase mitochondrial (power plant) density of the muscle cell and allow athletes to focus on training for their nutritional requirements.  Intensity varies to take into consideration the possible time variation of Endurance Rides.

Are you looking for a detailed plan to help you with your training Structure?  Choose from one of our Spaghetti 100 weekend Training Plans to get you ready to ride your best Spaghetti yet!

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