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Static Training Plans

Research-based plans that get results

Programs designed for a wide variety of athletes.


A static training program is a program that is designed for a wide variety of athletes. These programs are here to help give you guidance in your training, as well as add scientifically-based and field-proven periodization to help you be at your best in time for your event. We want to help each athlete reach their peak performance and, for some, a static training program is a great option.

Static training plans can be more affordable than coaching programs. Though, they present some differences. With a static training program, there is no coach communication. The program is designed with a start and end point and a certain time frame. Personalized coaching allows for multiple, if not unlimited, coaching adjustments as well as weekly coach communication. That said, we understand that static training plans can be the right choice for some athletes.

While we prefer to see athletes pursue personalized coaching, we have worked hard to develop top notch static plans that share the same science-based strategies.

A Science of Speed static training plan stands apart from the rest:

  • Based on sound scientific research
  • Proven improvements with 100s of athletes
  • FREE 30 minute coaching consultation to help you start off on the right track!

TEST - Field test in your sport(s).  Testing prior to talking with a coach will help to provide training ranges then.  Information about your field test will be in your purchased plan.

TALK - With your static plan you receive a 30 minute FREE consultation with a Science of Speed coach.  Use this time to get training ranges to increase your training precision, ask any questions regarding training you may have and learn how you can best integrate training into your schedule

TRAIN - You have everything that you now need to begin your training.  It is now time to put in the work.


Your life. Your body. Your training.

At Science of Speed, we customize all of our services to make them as unique as you are. Don't hesitate to share with us your goals, your setbacks, your schedule, your preferences. Keeping you satisfied is our top priority. We look forward to finding the right suite of services for you, and always assessing how we can help you improve your performance. Contact us now and watch the perfect plan come together.