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Testing and Analysis puts the science in Science of Speed.

To design truly custom training plans for our athletes, we provide services that offer our coaches and athletes insight into the internal workings of the athlete’s body. The results from the following services help our coaches make decisions about your training that will help to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your workouts.

Lactate Threshold Testing $100

Lactate is a marker of the accumulation of waste byproducts created during exercise. It is important to understand your threshold because it is one of the most important physiological markers we can utilized in your training. At Science of Speed, we use the highest quality equipment to scientifically and accurately calculate your lactate threshold.

Based off a series of blood draws during a step test, an SoS coach can accurately track your body’s physiologic response to training and pinpoint your lactate threshold. With these numbers, we can then develop power ranges and heart rate ranges for cyclists, as well as pace and heart rate ranges for any runner. This test assists our team in developing a more precise training schedule for each athlete.

It takes roughly 1.5 hours* to complete and analyze the data that is accumulated from the test. The test consists of a step test (administered on a cycle ergometer or treadmill) and a series of small blood samples during different stages of the test. We use the smallest gauge lancets possible for our blood draws to decrease the invasiveness of the testing. Each test uses a small (2mm sized) drop of blood.

*if paired with a VO2max test, time to completion is roughly 2.5-3 hour.

VO2max Testing $100

VO2max is the body’s maximal ability to uptake oxygen. Utilizing the same system as Olympic training centers, NASA, and professional researchers, Science of Speed coaches can analyze your results to provide you with information that can help you compare your fitness level to athletes at all levels. VO2max testing can also provide coaches and athletes with heart rate ranges. With the information provided from our research grade metabolic cart, we can determine the validity of a true VO2max and peak heart rate.

Testing takes roughly 1.5 hours*, and the final minutes of testing are carried out at maximal intensity. During the test, a mouthpiece is inserted in the athlete's mouth to capture all expired air, which is then compared with inspired air concentrations.

*if paired with a lactate threshold test, time to completion is roughly 2.5-3 hours.

LT & VO2max Testing $175

Get the best of both and pair these two amazing tests together to increase the accuracy of the your results and training plan development. Simultaneously completing these two tests provides our coaches with the stats and data they need to build an extremely solid base of information to better assess an athlete’s current fitness levels and potential weaknesses. By testing both, Science of Speed can tap into your athletic needs with even greater detail.

Resting Metabolic Rate $50

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), also known as basal metabolic rate, is the amount of calories your body requires to sustain life. Many people use RMR to gain a deeper understanding of their body’s fuel requirements and to gauge their daily dietary needs.

This highly accurate test allows people to dial in their caloric need to lose weight at a healthy rate. It can also aid the finely-tuned athlete, operating on the razor’s edge, to sustain weight while focusing on the quality of their nutrition.

This test takes approximately 60 minutes and is done in a resting state. Subjects must have fasted for 6 hours, have not ingested caffeine for 4 hours and should not have exercised a minimum of 12 hours prior to testing. Testing is best if done in the early morning.

Swim Stroke Analysis

An athlete's biomechanics and efficiency is more important for swimming than many other sports. With the high resistance that water places on the body, every imperfection in swim stroke and body line creates drag and causes the athlete to lose speed. Let one of our experienced coaches help you by analyzing your swim stroke. Whether in person or with video, our coaches can advise you on changes that can be made, as well as techniques and drills to implement to assist in fixing techniques. This will result in increased efficiency and form. More specifically, the suggested changes can help decrease the overall energy that is required to propel you in the water while increase your swimming pace.

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